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Yousif Braz is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant with professional engineering background. His passion to help people especially the Arabic community led him to study Canadian immigration. After completing his internship at MCV in 2016 and clearing RCIC licensing exam, Yousif joined MCV Team as Associate Consultant. His areas of practice include application and renewal of permanent resident cards, family sponsorship, investment programs, refugee claims and study and visitor’s visa.

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Ms. Carolina Chua is a pioneering member of MCV Professional Immigration and Employment Services. She has been with the Company since 2009 and the focal point of contact of MCV’s clients. Having completed a degree in Accounting and with a decade of work experience in Consulting firm, Carol provides administrative support to MCV Team and manages inquiries from clients by channeling them to concerned RCIC.

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John Villapando is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant who has been with MCV Professional Immigration & Employment Services in 2016. John who used to be a Chef, studied Canadian Immigration and obtained his full license in 2017. John has been representing clients for visitor, work and study visa as well as extension and restoration of temporary resident status in Canada. He also handles family sponsorships (spouse or common-law, children and other relatives) in Canada and Outside of Canada.

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Jihan Wood is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. She has worked at MCV since 2017. Her main areas of practice include Family Class Sponsorships, Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA) LMIAs and Ontario Nominee Immigrant Program (OINP). Jihan has been representing clients for visitor visas, supervisas, study permits, work permits, PR card renewals and PR travel documents. Jihan is passionate in her advocacy and in wanting her clients to receive the right information when it comes to immigration matters.

Immigration Services Mississauga

Rodrigo E. Hernandez

  • Senior Consultant with more than nine (9) years in Immigration and Legal Practice
  • Faculty Member at Anderson College of Health, Business and Technology
  • Commissioner of Oaths and Taking of Affidavits
  • Ministry-Accredited Freelance Court Interpreter at the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General
  • Licensed Mortgage Agent
  • Volunteer at Queenston Public School - Peel District School Board
  • Completed education with Honors at Humber College, De La Salle University and University of the Philippines
  • De Facto Coordinator of Canadian and Filipino RCICs

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Lanh Truong Representative for Immigration & Recruitment Services (Southeast Asia Market)

Earned a Diploma in Immigration Practitioner Program from CSIC e-Academy and *Law Clerk – Diploma *from Humber Institute of Technology, Ontario, Canada. Acquired years of experience working with immigration law firms inToronto and Montreal focusing on Vietnamese market. Ms. Lanh has been providing administrative support to RCIC/Lawyers in applying for visit, study and work visas, family class sponsorship (spouse, parents and grandparents), Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and permanentresidence through Express Entry.

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Armin Majedi

Armin is a member licensed and in good standing with Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. A graduate of Immigration Program at Anderson College in Toronto with honors and has gained a wealth of experience from tackling a large variety of Canadian immigration applications.

With his outstanding background and profound understanding of the current immigration rules and regulations, Armin is always dedicated to providing straightforward and easy-to-follow immigration advice that will help clients plan for their future in Canada.

Armin also has a great wealth of knowledge and experience in developing business plans and conducting market research projects as per the requirements for business immigrants in Start-up, Entrepreneurship, Owner Operator, International Mobility, and other business pathways. 

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Tarun Sabharwal

Tarun Sabharwal is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant in good standing with Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). He is a diploma holder in Immigration Consulting from Anderson College of health, business, and Technology. He holds a master’s degree in business management from India.

Tarun brings with him a wealth of experience serving clients globally and providing excellent customer service while maintaining the quality guidelines. He has mentored small business owners and helped them take their businesses to new heights.  Tarun has developed excellent analytical, communication and interpersonal skills across Canada and overseas. His passion to guide people has brought him to the field of Immigration, to serve and guide people in making their dreams of relocating to Canada come true.

As an immigrant to Canada, Tarun knows his clients' requirements and is dedicated to assisting them in realizing their goals of living, working, studying, or visiting Canada. He is especially empathetic to clients wishing to reunite with loved ones through family sponsorship or obtaining Super Visas for parents or grandparents.

Tarun is fluent in English, Hindi, and Punjabi.

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Beb Albornoz is MCV Proservices’ special events planner/graphic artist. She handles the company’s events marketing and visual identity.

Beb came to Canada as an international student. She completed a post graduate program on Interactive Media Management from Centennial College in Toronto. She is a bachelor’s degree holder in Visual Communications from University of the Philippines. She has been a professional graphic designer for 10 years and has been working with MCV since 2018.

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