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Canadian Immigration Consulting Firm

Our team consists of experienced Immigration Consultants who are members in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (CICC) and dedicated client-oriented administrative staff.

MCV provides services that assist clients to have error- free applications while providing fees that are reasonable and with access to payment plans for in-Canada and outside of Canada applicants.

Our team of experts have years of collective experience mixed in with the up-to-date knowledge of the immigration system, as well as our connections with the clients. We can guarantee that you will have the best quality service. We understand that each client has unique and individualized needs, so our main goal is to have our clients view us as family rather than consultants because not only is Canada's immigration goal family reunification, but family members view each other as unique individuals that considers each other's success as their own.

For our clients who are in search of work we provide resources such as information about who is hiring in the community — we offer personalized advice and services to help them assess their skills and experience, find work and start on the path to skills training. We also help employers hire people with the skills they are looking inside and outside of Canada.

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