MCV Police Clearance / Fingerprinting Services

MCV Professional Immigration & Employment has successfully completed the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) Accreditation process which authorizes them to capture non-criminal fingerprints and submit them digitally, to the RCMP for Criminal Record verification.

Services provide criminal record checks (CPIC) based on name and date of birth for the following purposes:

  • Non-criminal record checks for Employment (Government & Private Sector)
  • Citizenship and Immigration
  • Pardons and Waivers
  • Professional Licensing (Engineers, Nurses, Pharmacist, RCICs, Paralegal etc.)
  • Foreign Immigration
  • Adoption - Canada & International
  • Police Clearance from Philippines, Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore, UAE, KSA, USA and other countries.

Other processes which may require submission of fingerprints.

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MCV Finger Printing Services, Cooksville Colonnade Building
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Phone: (905) 232-8009/8010
Cell: (647) -268-3588

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