Common Mistakes People Make When Completing Immigration Applications

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Common Mistakes People Make When Completing Immigration Applications - Blog by MCV Professional Immigration and Employment Service

More often than not, the immigration procedure is lined with intricacies. Not only is it a time-consuming affair, but the several steps involved in the process can make it a daunting task. Overwhelmed and confused over how to go about their immigration procedure, many clients tend to make mistakes that they live to regret. 

To help steer clear of such errors and make the immigration process easier, here’s a list of common mistakes people make when completing immigration applications that you should avoid.

1. Not submitting supporting paperwork and documentation
A common mistake made by applicants is that of not providing paperwork with the appropriate supporting documentation. Often, people fill out the required government forms and do not include additional paperwork to support their application. The burden of proof is always on the applicant to help their claim, and immigration officers have wide discretionary powers to approve or reject your application. Working with a qualified and authorized representative will ensure that the applicant has sufficient and the right documentation to support their application.

2. Sending out incomplete forms
Another mistake made by applicants is sending in incomplete or inconsistent application forms. Incomplete forms can lead to longer processing times. Information in the forms that is not consistent does not establish credibility, and this will hurt the applicant in their efforts to support their immigration claim. This can lead to devastating consequences, whereby there is no second chance of undoing these errors as the application will be rejected. Working with an authorized representative will lead to an avoidance of these mistakes and will make the immigration process more seamless.

3. Not seeking advice from legal professionals 
Many applicants seek advice from friends and family instead of consulting with experienced legal professionals. The immigration process is fluid. Immigration programs are ever-changing due to the current need of the country. So often, I hear people tell me of advice that they have been given by family members of their immigration experience, only to find out that their immigration experience was thirty years ago. Friends and family members may have good intentions, but their advice is usually misguided, incorrect, or out-dated. Authorized representatives are knowledgeable about the current immigration programs and are the right persons to guide applicants in their immigration journey.

4. Not adhering to deadlines and timelines 
Another mistake I’ve often come across is that of customers missing the “window” on certain immigration applications. Temporary residents of Canada can risk losing their status by being unaware of the timelines to extend or even restore their status. Losing status in Canada will have adverse effects, and this is something applicants should be diligent in trying to avoid. If people wish to extend their stay in Canada or change their status, they should get the advice of a qualified consultant as soon as possible to stay within the “window.”

To avoid these and other mistakes related to immigration, reach out to the experts at MCV Professional Immigration and Employment Services. Our team of experts will walk you through the immigration process from start to finish. We always put our clients first and promise to take the weight off your shoulders by easing you through the entire procedure. 

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