Busted! Don’t Believe These Myths About Immigration!

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Busted Don’t Believe These Myths About Immigration - Blog by MCV Professional Immigration and Employment Service

While the prospect of going to a new country can bring about a lot of excitement, the immigration process can be challenging due to the intricacies involved and the misconceptions that float around this process. As an immigration consulting firm, we not only provide advice to our clients but also assist with or prepare your immigration applications for you. 

We are advocates in making sure that the right information about Canadian immigration gets put out there. This means refuting the myths and common misbeliefs around the process of immigration. To help you steer clear of the many myths and get accurate information related to immigration to you, MCV Professional Immigration and Employment Services has debunked the most widely believed myths about immigration.

Myth 1: Immigrants pose a threat to Canadian security
A perpetuating myth is that immigrants and refugees are a threat to Canadian security. This myth comes from people who are genuinely unaware of the Canadian immigration system. It is not an easy process to come to Canada permanently. Immigrants and refugees have to undergo rigorous inadmissibility checks, which include political security, involvement in human rights violations, criminality, serious criminality, and authenticity of document checks. Canada is one of the hardest countries to go to because of the checks that have been put into place by our immigration policies, and it is important to recognize this.

Myth 2: Immigrants pressurize the Canadian economy
A common myth out there is that immigrants put a strain on the Canadian economy. This myth should be debunked because the Canadian immigration system is set up for immigrants to have a positive impact on our economy and not a negative one. Canadian immigration policy is rooted in economics, and the system is designed to attract skilled workers. In addition to attracting skilled workers, who bring with them diverse education and years of experience, the Temporary Foreign Worker program has its benefits. Foreign workers are a valuable labor source to many different industries; such as child care, elderly care, food service industry, transportation, agricultural and seasonal sectors, and tourism industry. Many immigrants also come as entrepreneurs; setting up their own businesses and employing Canadians. The immigration system is strategically set up to spark economic activity and not curtail it. This should be recognized.

Myth 3: Family class encourages dependents
Another common myth is that the family class brings a lot of dependents to Canada, creating a drain on our social services. For every applicant that gets approved to come to Canada permanently, there is an assessment as to how this applicant can make a significant contribution to Canada. Family members, like parents and grandparents, play a valuable role in the family dynamics in Canada. They significantly lessen the parent’s burden when it comes to child care. This has a positive effect in other areas such as health and the family’s emotional and psychological well-being.

If you’re looking to steer clear of myths like these, reach out to MCV Professional Immigration and Employment Services. As a leading immigration firm in Mississauga, ON, we can navigate you through the immigration procedure and alleviate some stress off your shoulders. We promise to exceed expectations and assist you at every step of the process. We offer a wide range of immigration services, including work visa, study visa, citizenship, start-up visa, etc. to clients both inside and outside Canada.  

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