An Ultimate Checklist For A Successful Permanent Residence Application

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An Ultimate Checklist for a Successful Permanent Residence Application - Blog by MCV Professional Immigration and Employment Service

Migrating to Canada will be one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, and you need to ensure that the initial steps you take with your immigration application should be smooth sailing. At MCV PROFESSIONAL IMMIGRATION & EMPLOYMENT SERVICES, we understand that organizing and gathering essential documents for your immigration application can be quite a challenge. Applying for a permanent residence application, can be viewed as a stressful or laborious task. Still, with a little preparation, you will be able to handle the immigration process quickly and easily.

As experts in the immigration system, we’ve created a handy checklist to help you complete your application with as little stress as possible. Follow our checklist to fill your application accurately and on time, so that you can get back to the other important things in life.

1. Keep vital documents in hand
Collect all necessary documents in advance to be fully prepared when asked to submit the said documents. It takes some time to collect them, such as police clearances, school records, civil status documents. Therefore, being proactive will make the process run smoother.

2. Get a certified translator if needed
If there are documents to submit that will need to be translated to English or French, make sure to use an accredited translator. A certified translator will fulfill the requirements to ensure your translated document is valid.

3. Keep track of deadlines
Late submission of essential documents will lead to adverse consequences and delays in your application. So always make sure to schedule the critical dates of submission.

4. Do not leave gaps in your application details
Areas such as personal history, employment history, and address should be complete and concise. Gaps in the timeline will lead to additional questioning and can potentially cause doubt to be raised in your application’s validity.

5. Complete all forms correctly
Ensure all application forms are complete and correct. Incomplete forms will lead to the application being returned or can lead to extending the processing period.

6. Do not omit vital information in your application
Consider all questions asked as being equally important. The deliberate omission is considered misrepresentation and will have negative repercussions if rectification is not possible.

7. Keep copies of submitted applications
Keep copies of documents submitted with the application. You will likely have to refer to these documents during the application process.

8. Be prepared
Prepare yourself for an interview if an interview is possible for your permanent residence application. This will allow you to get used to talking about the personal information that is relevant to your application. You will be more at ease if you do happen to be interviewed.

9. Stay up to date with current immigration news
Immigration policy is fluid. The present climate of COVID-19 is an example of how current circumstances can lead to changes in immigration policy. Being in the know will help you in preparing a robust application package.

10. Documents should remain valid
Ensure that all crucial documents are valid and with you throughout the entire application process.  Invalid documents can halt the application process.

11. Review immigration guidelines
Go through your application checklists and guidelines for the type of permanent resident application you have submitted. Reviewing what is needed to support your application will give you the confidence in knowing that you are presenting a proper application. And then go back and double-check again. Being meticulous is key!

12. Check for correct photo specifications
Verify the photo specifications required for photos needed to include with your application. Use a reputable photo agency that knows the specifications that are involved. A return of photos will result in delayed processing times.

13. Submit detailed letters of support
Any reference letters or letters of support that is to be submitted with your application should be detailed. A letter that is specific and well thought of will positively impact the credibility and genuineness of your overall application.

14. Know what type of permanent resident application you qualify for
There are various types of Canadian permanent residence where you can apply for. Therefore, identify which category you fall under so that you will be able to submit proper evidence needed for a successful application.

15. Have patience during the processing period
Processing times can be varied and sometimes unpredictable. Processing times are also due to your specific case. Recognizing this will lessen the stress faced during the waiting period.

16. Don’t rush with your application
Minor mistakes can lead to an unfavorable decision on your application. Do not rush with your application, and always be thorough!

17. Understand the financial costs
Understand the financial costs involved in permanent residence applications. The path to permanent residence in Canada is an investment in your future. Do your research to help you navigate through the financial process.

18. Submit all the relevant documents from the start!
Presenting all supporting documents with your application will eliminate the need to give further explanation. A strong first impression will encourage a positive decision for your application.

19. Ensure that you are paying the right application fees
Be prepared when you pay your application fees as it may be non-refundable. Make sure you include the correct receipt with your application.

20. Get a professional’s help
Seek professional advice to ensure that you have a strong application to support your permanent residence. A Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant can quickly detect any errors or holes in your application. A Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) will work diligently to present the best possible application to get you to positive results.

If you have any concerns about filing your immigration application or you’re looking for an immigration firm to help simplify the process of permanent residency, reach out to the immigration experts at MCV PROFESSIONAL IMMIGRATION & EMPLOYMENT SERVICES   serving in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Mississauga & Toronto. We are a team of immigration professionals with collective experience and up-to-date knowledge of the immigration system. We will provide you with guidance, counsel, and representation to fulfill your dreams of moving permanently to Canada. Our immigration services include work visa, study visa, citizenship, start-up visa, and many more to clients both inside and outside Canada.

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